Corporate Gifting

Host a board meeting or show your appreciation with a gift box or charcuterie box. Whether it's a holiday, thank you or just because, we will work with you to customize a thoughtful and memorable gift. Please contact us to request a corporate gift.

Make your team feel valued and appreciated by gifting them a custom gift of your choosing!

corporate gifting

Yes, our DIY Boxes are customizable to accommodate dietary restrictions. You can choose from a variety of sharing platters to build your personalized box.

Can I customize the contents of the DIY Boxes?

Yes, our DIY Boxes include the finest quality fresh produce. We ensure that the platters are fresh and ready to be enjoyed upon delivery.

Do the DIY Boxes include fresh produce?

DIY Boxes are designed for flexibility, allowing you to enjoy our platters individually or create your own 'grazing display' for larger celebrations. These boxes contain the finest quality produce and require refrigeration until they are ready to be served. On the other hand, Shelf-Stable Corporate Gift boxes focus on supporting small businesses and social justice themes. They include curated shelf-stable charcuterie and self-care products, without fresh produce. A portion of the proceeds from each Shelf-Stable Corporate Gift box is donated to a nonprofit organization supporting the chosen theme's population.

What is the difference between DIY Boxes and Shelf-Stable Corporate Gift?

Questions & Answers

Yes, to provide the best service and experience, we have minimum order requirements for DIY Boxes:
- Individual: Minimum order of 15 boxes
- Medium: Minimum order of 3 boxes
- Large Platter: Minimum order of 2 platters

Do you provide cutlery?

Shelf-Stable Corporate Gift boxes contain curated items reflecting specific social justice themes. These boxes include shelf-stable charcuterie and self-care products carefully selected to align with the chosen theme. Fresh produce is not included in these boxes.

What is included in the Shelf-Stable Corporate Gift boxes?

Yes, we offer the option to source a custom box for your Shelf-Stable Corporate Gift. If you have specific preferences or requirements, we will work with you to curate a box that suits your needs.

Can I request a custom Shelf-Stable Corporate Gift box?

We provide free delivery within a 5-mile radius of downtown Pittsburgh for both DIY Boxes and Shelf-Stable Corporate Gift boxes. Enjoy the convenience of having your order delivered straight to your doorstep without any additional charges. Deliveries outside of this radius may incur an additional fee.

Is there a delivery fee?

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